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Hii Dunia – New Editor Wanted


Dear Readers,

Although almost dormant for the last few months, Hii Dunia has for nearly nine years being regularly posting articles, papers and blog posts on Global Development and Environmental subjects. It’s goal was to aid and expand the discourse in these areas by publishing online pieces of work that may otherwise have only been read by a tutor and the author themselves.

From first appearing as a blog in 2006 posting short-form articles, re-edited chapters from submitted academic papers and even a photograph of the day (!?) it slowly expanded to become and published full academic papers in either abridged or in full form as well as a link to a PDF of the original paper.

Hii Dunia was nominated for an award early on and has also received lots of praise particularly for the addition of it’s extensive Development Directory page – which is still one of the largest freely available online Directories of its type.

Promoting the contributors to the site has been key and the community that has built up as a result has been one of the unforeseen delights of Hii Dunia. The site has gained 2000 Twitter followers and still attracts high traffic. Some papers we’ve posted have gained many thousands of views and have been cited elsewhere including in PhD Theses.

It is with some sadness therefore that I am advertising here for a new Editor to take over the reigns at Hii Dunia. My career has shifted in the last few months and whilst I’m very happy with where it’s headed I have now found it impossible to give the site the attention it requires. Therefore I’m looking for someone to take over – ideally with a passion for Global Development, who wants to make contacts within the sector and who believes that as much Global Development material as possible should be fully in the public domain.

Perhaps you are a student looking to enhance your CV and wanting to learn more form the papers you’ll publish? Perhaps you’re new to the sector and want to form links with practitioners, academics and students within it too?

The possibilities are endless. I think I’ve only begun to explore what can be done with a platform like this. You would have ‘the keys’ to Hii Dunia, all the assets such as logos etc and make the changes you see fit. Maybe you would want to orientate it more towards project work – collecting experiences of Development practitioners in the field? Expand it’s presence on Social Media? Completely change the look and layout? As editor it would be up to you.

The main tasks as Editor include making contact with potential contributors, requesting papers and other content that you both feel is suitable for the site. Keeping all the other aspects of the site up to date – checking for broken links in the Directory for example, contacting contributors to update their profiles and posting regular Social Media updates. You will need to have a working knowledge of Wordpress alongside photo editing software such as Photoshop.

If this sounds like something that might be of interest to you email me at giving a little bit of background about yourself, what you do, why you want to take on Hii Dunia and the direction you might take it. If you have the passion and dedication to run a site like this I’ll be happy to hand it over.

Editing Hii Dunia has been a extremely rewarding experience, its put me in touch with some fantastic people within the Development sphere and further afield and broadened my own as well as I hope it’s readers understanding of an increasingly vital subject. I hope the next nine years will be as rewarding as the first.

Daniel Corns


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