Hii Dunia aims to give everyone with knowledge or experience in the Development sector the opportunity to share their work.


This may be in the form of academic research, papers or dissertations. Hii Dunia would welcome submissions resulting from non-professional, semi-professional or wholly professional collaborations or projects.

Submission Criteria

Hii Dunia generally publishes Post Graduate level papers, dissertations, studies and reports. We are also more than happy to publish excellent undergraduate papers. If you are pleased with your work, if it received a high grade or commendation or that you feel that your valuable report or study was overlooked then we are very much interested in publishing it online.

To Contribute

To Contribute please email editor@hiidunia.com with materials attached and a brief description of what you wish to submit. Hii Dunia can except papers in any format, however please submit the final draft as you wish it to appear online.

Once we have reviewed your submission and are happy with it’s quality and relevance to the site we will seek your permission to publish. Once we have that we will write a synopsis of your submission for our main page and if not already done so create a PDF version. You will then be notified and asked if you wish to make any amendments.

Papers of up to around 7000 words will be shown in their complete form on the site with more complex tables or graphs being referenced to the PDF version. Submissions such as Disssertations may be abridged with the permission of the contributor, however again the full PDF version can still be made available.

Contributors can add information about themselves to the profile page with links provided to their work.

Creative Commons Licence

Hii Dunia uses Creative Commons licenses to protect the copyright of contributors whilst allowing them to share their work online.

Papers and other materials published on Hii Dunia are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available by email to editor@hiidunia.com and will be obtained in conjunction with the works original contributor.

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